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6 Reasons to Consider Design Patent Protection

You're likely well versed in the value of utility patents. But did you know that a design patent for your product can be an equally important component of your intellectual property portfolio? It can help you prevent knockoffs, get faster patent protection, save money, and more. Read more.


Protecting User Interfaces and Mobile Applications with Design Patents

In the wake of the Alice Corp. decision by the Supreme Court, opportunities still exist to protect design elements of programs, user interfaces (UIs), and mobile applications. Design patents can be a powerful vehicle for providing protection at a fraction of the cost of more mainstream utility patents, which cover functionality rather than ornamentation. Read more.

Design Patents vs. Utility Patents

A utility patent protects the structural and functional aspects of a new or improved product or system, and is the most popular type of patent. A design patent, on the other hand, covers the unique appearance of an item. A design patent embraces elements such as a specific product shape, color arrangement, or surface ornamentation. Read more.

Foreign Design Patent Protection

Foreign filing of design patents differs in certain key aspects from that of utility patents. First, the decision as to where to file has to be made much earlier than with utility patents. Second, the drawing requirements can vary country to country. Finally, the patent terms are different in many jurisdictions. Read more.