Watch Our Recent Patent Litigation Seminar

How to Win Patent Litigation Without Breaking the Bank

On May 25th, 2017, Wolf Greenfield hosted a seminar with panelists from Sony Corporation of America, Straumann and members of our own Litigation Group. They discussed techniques they use to achieve successful results in patent litigation—whether through settlement or judgment—while keeping legal fees reasonable. Topics covered include: optimally staffing cases, focusing early and exclusively on dispositive issues, and using IPRs.

Our esteemed and experienced panel included the following people:

  • Adam Daly, Vice President, Business Development & Regional General Counsel at Straumann
  • Nimit Patel, Director, IP Counsel at Sony Corporation of America
  • Greg Corbett, Shareholder, Litigation Group at Wolf Greenfield
  • Mike Rader, Shareholder, Litigation Group at Wolf Greenfield
  • Moderator: Randy Pritzker, Chair, Electrical & Computer Technologies Group at Wolf Greenfield